hadley in a new Barn Fly with Cowboy Boot print

Last night we had one heck of a winter squall in Pinedale and most of Sublette County. We had winds that whipped snow into great big drifts and had everyone and everything looking for cover.

As my cat and I sat curled up in front of the rock fireplace in our little log house, I reflected upon how lucky we were to be indoors and not out in it. At the same time, I think we both felt a little sorry for ourselves; as we thought that Spring had arrived early. Well wouldn’t you know, when we rolled out this morning, the sun was bright and our world was sparkling like a million diamonds. That’s Wyoming, a diamond in the rough. Well I got to work and to brighten my spirits even more– our new Ryan Michaels Ladies shirts had arrived at the Cowboy Shop. Spring is really in the air (in my mind) now. What beautiful colors and light weight fabrics will do for cabin fever….


About cowgirlbing

Co-president of Cowboy Shop in Pinedale, Wyoming.

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