Driving between Wyoming, Arizona, and california for this holiday weekend I have had way too much time on my hands. XM radio is only so entertaining, and contrary to popular belief, the music starts repeating itself…. So, here I am trapped in a six foot cubicle with only myself for company, moving 75 mph (maybe 80 on occasion) down the highway. I thought about the cold crummy weather I was leaving behind, I thought about the sunny weather I was headed toward, I thought about what I would be cooking on Thursday, and that was all before my first tank of gas ran dry. The balance of the trip was very refreshing as my mind emptied out and shed all my stews and frets. I was then free to enjoy the evolving landscape as snow covered sagebrush gave way to Joshua trees and saguaro cactuses. Red dirt cliffs bordered the highway as we made our way south into Arizona. Once we delivered the horses to Wickenburg, we changed gears and headed west into California for the holiday. (Note to self: why do the horses get to spend the entire winter in warm Arizona while the rest of us have to ultimately return to Wyoming/winter/snow/cold?) Anyway, back to the highway in my 6 foot cube moving 70 mph due west. Thanksgiving day was spent drinking, cooking, drinking, eating, drinking, and some serious storytelling among friends and family. Did I mention that we put a dent in my California friend’s wine cellar? Of course, not ALL our friends or ALL our
family could be in any one place for this one meal. Those that we were missing got phone calls through the day, some less coherent than others as the day and the wine progressed. I hope all of you were with people you love and care for on this Thanksgiving holiday.


About cowgirlbing

Co-president of Cowboy Shop in Pinedale, Wyoming.

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