I drove to the gym this morning. . . Thank goodness it’s now light at 7:45am, but it was still only 8 degrees outside. Which didn’t seem any warmer that the 4 degrees it was yesterday morning. (By the way, do we really need all this information being yelled at us from our cellphones?) Anyway, I punished myself for an hour so that I could be guilt free for the rest of the day. How is it that the “experts” insist that we healthy adults spend three hours a week excersising, when we’re already busy putting in our work day + house cleaning + cooking? Maybe those “Occupy Wall Street” people have extra time, but I don’t seem to. However, I do now have an AWESOME self esteem – thank you sweat and muscle cramps. And so we get to today’s “Secret to Life” – Be happy with who and where you are. I could be younger, thinner, and independently wealthy – but I’m not. So, I go to work, eat (semi) healthy, and keep my hair stylish (…) But, here’s the “secret” part: Wear Wrangler Ladies Booty Jeans!! Whatever your size, these jeans are cut to give you the best look in your “booty”. I don’t know if it’s darts, spandex, or fairy dust – but they’re fab. See them today at http://www.cowboyshop.com


About cowgirlbing

Co-president of Cowboy Shop in Pinedale, Wyoming.

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