How can it be that one day I’m in flip flops and a t-shirt and the next day I have to search the garage for a snow shovel? I don’t know why I’m lulled by the warm weather in October every year and totally side swiped by the first snow storm that inevitably comes too early. I’ve lived in the Rocky Mountains for over forty years and the first snow storm is always a surprise – like maybe there wouldn’t be any this year!!! “Don’t take it personally” is my motto – but do make it work in your favor. For instance, go to and see what Stormy Kromer has come up with to make our winter tolerable. Wool caps for Men, Women, and Kids in colors you need to see to believe. Oh, and enjoy your Sunday. Monday is only hours away. . . .


About cowgirlbing

Co-president of Cowboy Shop in Pinedale, Wyoming.

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