Welcome to the new Cowboy Shop blog. We’re just about to launch our new website http://www.CowboyShop.com – actually it’s not new, it’s getting a facelift. (Something we all need eventually…..) The website has been up for over ten years, but we’ve been around much longer than that. Bob’s mother started the store in 1947 to give all those cowboys something to spend their money on after the war. After many remodels and additions, we’re on the same corner, along the same block we’ve always been. Which comes in handy when customers from years ago stop by to bring their children in for a new pair of cowboy boots. Hundreds, heck thousands, of people come through our doors every year. We hope they’re coming in to buy something, but lots of times they’re in to ask about horses, hay, or rodeos. We don’t mind; we’re happy for the company when business is slow….


About cowgirlbing

Co-president of Cowboy Shop in Pinedale, Wyoming.

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  1. Kristi Glaze says:

    I’m thrilled that your doing this Miss Carolyn!! When do you find the time??

  2. Hey Wyoming Cowgirl,

    how was the casita in AZ? Did you and Bob get to any ropings? Or was it all Margarita’s on the porch?

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